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Welcome to Watchfire Games

We are a multi-game guild that strives to create a friendly, respectful, and mature atmosphere in which a large variety of skilled gamers can play. We are students, parents, grandparents, spouses, employees, and employers. Though we come from all over the globe and step into the game from different walks of life, we stand together upon the premise that gaming is fun and we prefer to do it sans drama.
Watchfire will have a strong presence in multiple games, enabling the membership to have a home in the variety of MMO's in the market, such as SWTOR, TERA, D3 and GW2. Once a part of the Watchfire family, a member will be welcome under the Watchfire tag in any game where we have a guild presence. (In games without guild structures, such as D3, we will still have an organized group in place.)

The purpose of the guild is to create a network of gamers willing to assist and educate one another in every aspect of the game in order to create the most pleasant gaming experience possible. Crafters, gatherers, PvPers, explorers, raiders - if you're looking for a strong, active guild that never forgets to include "fun" in the equation, Watchfire is the place for you! If interested, we encourage you to create an account and apply.

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Guild News

Guild War 2 Launched Headstart tonight at Midnight PST Server is Yak's Bend

Carl Panther, Aug 24, 12 7:12 PM.
Lets have some fun!

Guild Meeting

Fala/Matthew, May 1, 12 2:03 PM.



Guild Wars 2 & Tera Server names

Fala/Matthew, Apr 27, 12 1:04 PM.
GW2 Server - Sorrow's Furnace

Tera Server - Basilisk Crag

Some PvP Adjustments post 1.2 Game Update

Fala/Matthew, Apr 16, 12 2:30 PM.
DanielErickson PvP -> On Warzone Scoring and Rewards
Hey folks,

Some follow up news from observations of play and feedback over the weekend. In the next couple of days we will be deploying a small patch that will address the following issues:
  • As discussed, minimum medals to gain rewards will go from 3 to 1 to better reward those who are backfilled.
  • Warzones will once again be shutting down when population imbalance is detected. This was an unfortunate bug where a feature of Ranked Warzones (in full team play it is not desirable to let one team end the game prematurely by quitting out) was incorrectly implemented globally.
  • Completion of Warzones will gain a large increase in the percentage of rewards it represents, so while scoring is still the primary driver, you will cease to see games that give no rewards if players have a minimum of 1 medal earned.
  • We are extending the time we wait for a full team of eight to better make sure Warzones pop with complete teams.

A huge thank you to everyone who played this weekend and provided valuable feedback and analysis.

SWToR Game Update 1.2 April 12th

Fala/Matthew, Apr 10, 12 6:33 PM.
Make sure to be ready for the patch coming on Thursday!
Lots of great info here


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